The Underwater World of the Caribbean

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Diving in the Caribbean 

brenda s and r duncan kirkby - spotted eagle ray
Courtesy of Caribbean Tourism Organization

The Caribbean is known for its milky-white beaches, bright blue skies and transparent oceans that are as clear as bottled mineral water. The amazing crystal clear sea water make the Caribbean a perfect place for exploring the incredible underwater world and marine wildlife of these exotic islands.

Diving in the Caribbean is ideal for first-timers and experienced enthusiasts and everyone in between. There are a range of PADI certified dive schools both independent schools and centres and tuition that can be offered by your hotel, normally as part of your all inclusive package.

The Caribbean really is a diving-hotspot for those that want to explore a blend of dramatic wall terrains, corals that are splashed with colours, sponge composites and thriving habitats of quirky aqua life. The Mysterious wrecks and the larger pelagic fish are a big draw to these parts, especially for those that want to experience rare creatures and outstanding wrecks.

The Caribbean’s famous dive water has some of the most optimal diving conditions in the world, with excellent visibility plunging to over 100 feet and average water temperatures of 83 degrees it’s not hard to see why.

Diving in CUBA

Cuba has a gigantic and stunning coastline brimming with fabulous dive sites that will get any diving first-timer or enthusiast excited. The south coast in particular is dotted in vivid underwater vertical walls that drop from the surface into the blue. Superb sponges decorate the reefs in splashes of colour and the reefs are bustling with underwater species and spectacular corals.

However, perhaps one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean is owned by Cuba. The site is called ‘The Gardens of the Queen’ or ‘Jardines de la Reina’ and said to be a time capsule lost in time.

It is the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean, this amazing archipelago is built up of 250 virgin coral islands spread with mangroves and covers 75 miles of the of the southern coast of Cuba.

It is extremely well-preserved and has been restricted against mass tourisim, so imagine waters independent of commercial fishing or fishing of any kind. The Jardines de la Reina are completely unspoiled and are only inhabited by one dive operator. The reefs have never been touched and are alive with exotic underwater wildlife. This underwater paradise is famous for its shark encounters and is an amazing place to catch a glimpse of the seven different species of these creatures in their natural habitat. You can also expect to see schools of tropical fish and grouper fish of all different sizes, some of the grouper fish that are largely scarce in other parts of the Caribbean are in abundance here.

If you want to look through the keyhole to one of the Caribbean’s best underwater worlds then head to the Jardines de la Reina for a dive to remember.

dfr barbados 72
Courtesy of Caribbean Tourism Organization

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Diving in BARBADOS

Barbados is set in the Eastern region of the Caribbean, it is famous for its blend of British influence and West Indies flavour. Amazing azure water meets soft ivory sand on the islands leeward coast while the Atlantic crashes against cliffs on the other side of the island.

Touted as the ‘shipwreck capital’ of the Caribbean, this amazing island provides divers with several different opportunities. The main dive sights include mysterious shipwrecks and stunning corals that are thriving with wildlife.

One impressive reef named SS Stavronikita is actually a manmade reef. A 365ft Greek freighter was purposely sunk to provide a high quality dive-site, splashed with flourishing communities of rope sponge and barrel sponge. This impressive yet eerie structure lies in 120ft of water and is home to schools of quirky fish and corals.

Another impressive dive-spot in Barbados is Carlisle Bay which is an ideal area for beginner divers as well as experienced. This historic bay is dotted with wrecks and corals to explore, divers will appreciate the history and the amazing sights here. There are four wrecks: the Berwyn, Eilon, C-Trek and Fox.

The Berwyn is a 70ft long World War French Tug Boat that sunk in 1919. This amazing feat sits between 7-10 feet below the surface and as a result of the quality Caribbean water, the site is speckled with hard and soft corals and a colony of healthy wildlife to explore.

This is a favourite spot for divers as it is home to some quirky marine life such as eels, sea horses, frog fish and other tropical fish.

The diversity of dive sites here is what people enjoy; there is a large range different sites to explore especially wrecks, which is what this part of the Caribbean is famous for in the dive community.

curaçao_dive 4
Courtesy of Caribbean Tourism Organization

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Diving in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous for is miles upon miles of unspoilt natural beaches that are dubbed as some of the best in the world and rightly so.

The diving community will enjoy the numerous coasts where diving is the norm. Each coast has its own personalised dive-spot like natural and artificial wrecks, flourishing-fishy reefs, and lightbeam-filled caves.

Some of the historic wrecks date back to the 16th century, but the Dominican Republic is also home to modern purpose-built wrecks.

The warm water temperature and the excellent visibility make the dive sites here ideal for all levels including beginners. Explore walls, exciting corals and reefs, and not mention deeper wrecks scattered with flourishing wildlife environments.

Head to the Silver Bank where you can discover hump back whales that come over to the bank to give birth. The whale interaction is a magical and rare event for most people so come and take full advantage of the opportunity.

Or experience the DuDu Cave on the North Coast in Cabrera, where you can dive among the stalagmites and stalactites, as well as colonies of freshwater marine life.

The south coast is perhaps the most popular, where divers can experience the lucid, photogenic fish havens of the Hickory and Limon in Boca Chica. This all year round dive site also features easily explored caves and walls.

Courtesy of Caribbean Tourism Organization

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Diving in Mexico   

Mexico is touted as one of the best diving experiences in the world due to its shimmering lagoons and coastal waters.

The industry recognised PADI certificate can be achieved here so that you can explore the underwater utopia of this Caribbean coast. It has to be seen to be believed but this vivid world is nothing less than remarkable.

Start at the rich coral reefs of Parque Marino Nacional Arrecifes de Comzumel  which is part of the second largest reef on the planet. You can also discover Jacques Cousteau which is nicknamed the Sea of Cortez the aquarium of the world, living up to its name it is thriving with amazing wildlife and wrecks which are explored and researched by many academics and divers.

The corals and the sunken ship on the Gulf of Mexico are a delight to dive, plus you can head over to the corner of the Caribbean Sea to the island of Holbox which gives visitors the opportunity to swim alongside the beautiful and harmless whale shark which is an experience that will stay with you for life.

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